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Coconut and Palm Sugar
Coconut sugar is sugar made from coconut sap that has been filtered first, then boiled later. Coconut sugar has a distinctive aroma, minerals and taste. Palm sugar is a natural sweetener made from palm tree sap/nectar or Arenga pinnata. Palm sugar is generally used as a traditional sweetener in Southeast Asia and South Asia. We are Ina Commodity will supply the best quality and original 100% of sugar.
Corn is one of the world's most important food crops, besides wheat and rice. Some areas in Indonesia (eg in Madura and Nusa Tenggara) also use corn as a staple food. Apart from being a source of carbohydrates, corn is also grown as animal feed (forage and cobs), the oil is taken from seeds), made flour (from seeds, known as corn flour or cornstarch), and industrial raw materials (from seed flour and cob flour). Corn cobs are rich in pentose, which is used as a raw material for manufacturing furfural. We will provide the best corn as food or the type of processed corn you want.
Indonesia is known as the “Spice Islands” where over 30,000 species of spices are growing. These include more than half of the world’s spices we know today. There are four categories of spices: dry spices (i.e. pepper, cumin, cloves), fresh spices (i.e. galangal, ginger,cardamom), aromatic spice (i.e. pandanus leaf or turmeric leaf) and acids (i.e.  tamarind or asam gelugur). 

Indonesia Commodity

Leading exporter for commodity products from Emerald of the Equator, Indonesia. Our company is based in Jakarta with partners from all over Indonesia. Our vision Be the best supplier and exporter sugar, corn, rice, and others that make our customers satisfied with every existing cooperation. Mission Be present to our partner, and committed to prioritize customers' satisfaction with the products we provide.


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