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Pepper, or also called Lada in Indonesian have two various type. There are black and white pepper. Both of them are  known all over the world because of its burning pungency, taste and aroma. We will give the best pepper quality  which have tasting fruitful and sharp on the tip of the tongue.


Cloves, or also called Cengkeh in Indonesian is harvested from particular island with high fertile soils. In order to maintain the sustainability of clove quality and stocks, we have to ensure the clove farmers produce the good quality. For this purpose, we also monitoring for the drying process and the variety we procure. So, we are able to offer the good quality of Indonesian clove with Lal Pari (high grade) standard.


Cinnamon, or also called kayu manis in Indonesian give supply about 80 to 85% of cinnamon worldwide. Indonesian cinnamon is stronger and more robust than true cinnamon. Due to this, it is particularly useful for using in curries and other dishes which have quite a lot of strong flavours going on.


Nutmeg, or also called Pala in Indonesian is a spice that can impact our health in variety ways. Nutmeg contain vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds related to the essential oils. Indonesia is a rich country of nutmeg, so we will provide the best quality of nutmeg which gives strong, sweet, and spicy aroma.


Ginger, or also called Jahe in Indonesia, has 3 unique varieties of ginger such as Jahe Emprit, Jahe Gajah, and Jahe Merah. Indonesia offers the suitable climate for ginger to grow. Ginger needs the regular temperature of 20-35 degrees Celsius and supply of rain water in the range of 2500-4000 mm per year. Indonesia is in good bargaining position and in the command to set up the price of ginger.


Cardamom, or also called Kapulaga in Indonesia, is a kind of spice originated from Indonesia with a strong aroma and unique peppery taste. Cardamom is mainly used in foods, beverages, and medical products. We have been trusted for years supplying cardamoms.